A few months ago I asked my kids a slightly different question for fun, just to see how they would answer. That questions was do you think Jesus would have played soccer? After a bit of discussion they all said he would have. And he would have been awesome at it.

Truthfully we will never know the answer to that question in our lifetimes. I figure Jesus had a pretty normal childhood and like all kids probably would have kicked something around or thrown something around or played some version of games with his mates. As to whether he would have starred, well, again we’ll probably never know but as a human, like the rest of us, I guess he was probably good at some things and not so good at others. Maybe sport was his thing, maybe art, maybe music.

I also asked my kids whether they thought he would have played professional soccer. They weren’t so sure on this one but he did have a normal job, as a carpenter, a trade he learnt off his father. Given that he didn’t start his ministry until nearly 30years old, I guess he could have fitted in a professional sporting career if that was his dad’s “trade” instead of carpentry. Though I am guessing the pay rate for a professional soccer player 2000 years ago in Israel wasn’t going to feed the family as well as today.

In some senses these are only fun, silly questions. However, ours is a Christian family and we belong to a Christian soccer club and by definition a Christian is someone who is trying to live like Jesus. How do you do that as a soccer player? How do we run a club that way?

So I asked another question, if Jesus did play soccer what kind of player would he be? My kids gave the answers I would. He would have shared and passed the ball, he would have tried his best for his team, he would have helped out his mates, he would have encouraged and not dragged anyone down, he would have considered and loved the opposition and I think above all he would have kept the game of soccer in its context, never letting it become more important than loving the people involved and loving and following God in the process.

There is a verse in the bible that encourages us to “continue working out our faith in fear and trembling”. While that sounds a little heavy or scary, it is really talking about always trying to work out how to follow Jesus in every aspect of life – soccer included. And at Rovers we think this so worth it, the best way to live. Jesus is a pretty cool hero to emulate, soccer player or not.


Gary Mullaley

President - Ellenbrook Rovers

21st June 2019