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Social Media Policy

We use various social media platforms at Rovers which have been great tools for sharing information, quick messaging and decision making, encouragement and, at times, having fun enjoying being a part of the club. We use these guided by the values and purposes of the club.

There are some things, however, that we need to bear in mind:


Public vs  Private – perhaps the question to ask ourselves before posting something would be, is this something I would say aloud in front of a crowd? The lines between what should be private and what is acceptable in public can be easily blurred. Be honest and transparent and be careful not to post anything you wouldn’t be happy with others seeing. In general, social media is not the forum for publicly airing personal grievances and frustrations and it is probably best to find another forum for dealing with controversial issues.


As member of Rovers – please remember that you are an ambassador for our club. As best as possible, our use of social media should reflect what the club is about and where it is going. You might need to include a disclaimer if you are writing your own personal opinion rather than the club’s position. If you are intending to use the Rover’s brand or reproduce the logo, you will have to obtain permission first to do so.


Legal considerations – it goes without saying that there are to be no illegal or indecent posts or links on our Rovers forums. We need to be mindful of copyright and be careful posting photos, seeking consent to do so first. If something is mistakenly posted it is important it is acknowledged and dealt with as soon as possible.


Think of Others – again in a public viewed setting, it is important to remain sensitive and considerate to others who may be the subject of our posts. Likewise, it is important to maintain the confidentiality of others.


There are to be no posts that are offensive, overly critical, intimidating or potentially embarrassing to anyone else. Again these are forums seen and accessed by many others. Be wise – in some circumstances other ways of communicating may be more appropriate and less damaging.

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